Homemaker or Unemployed?

I told my friend, with whom I was catching up with, that I am thinking of being a housewife. He responded with a "Hahahaha. Why?”

Why? What why? What is there to “why” about I being a homemaker? Somehow a lot of my friends cannot digest that I am being serious about being a homemaker. They give me the “Have you brains gone rusted staying home all these months” look. What’s up with that????

Honestly, I am quite indecisive right now. I am trying to figure out where I am. School ended in April. I gave birth in June. I graduated, officially, in July. It is October now. I have attended a couple of interviews and done a lot of other things while being a mother who is madly in love with her baby. I have neatly planned about what I would like to do, with alternatives. But I am not sure if I am an employed fresh graduate or a homemaker who has settled down.

I have ambitious plans about career, but at the same time I am also defining my purpose in life.

As much as I want to be one of the leading lawyers or whatever other career that sets in for me, I also want to be serving my husband and daughter. Somehow I just feel that I will find peace in that than being the workaholic that I have always loved to be.


Confused in dilemma


humanlinux said...
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humanlinux said...

I believe I too asked you the same question :P Firstly let me convey that, If you could really be conformable being as a homemaker then it would be great. There are a lot of reasons behind this and you should be knowing these already. But at the same time you should not be like 'locked up' at home, like a machine who cooks, clean and stuffs stuffs.

You have ambitions and plans about your career and the end result of these ambitions is 'pleasure/satisfaction/pride' etc etc, what if you can have these all without even exposed to some UV rays :P keke There are many things in this world which cam give the very "same" end results :)

Okay I am not making my comment a 'pseudo blog post' :P Ball is on your court Fahee ;)

Hope there is no typos!